From the Edge

Paens to our disposable culture reside in the industrial wasteland of the Charleston Neck and, if examined closely enough, can become abstractly splendid in their muteness and ruin. Gatherings of objects distinctly individual in their lives often become merged into common patterns and rhythms as they settle into the dust. As pieces of metal are compressed together with great force, their reluctance to bind results in spirited, if not intentional, creations of teture and light. As piles of spent containers accumulate, they become mountains of baroque rust. The peeling paint, the delamination of wood, the gradual disintegration of metal -- all are fit subjects for close examination. And finally, across the vastness of the rail yards, new messages are carried on the sides of container cars, of caustic wit, of anger, and on some, genuine graphic lyricism -- the credos ans signatures of the artist outlaws. The camera reads these 21st century heiroglyphics, and smiles.